Product Descriptions

Bulk Orders:

W.F. Organic Compost: Fully composted blend of horse manure, equine bedding and OMRI*-listed agricultural amendments. (OMRI certified # EWM-2084)

W.F. Special Blend Planting Mix: W.F. Organic compost, forest mulch, trace minerals, bio-remediated clean fill soil and OMRI*- listed agricultural amendments.

W.F. Custom Blend Planting Mix: A mixture of W.F. Special Blend Planting Mix with other organic ingredients as indicated from a client's native soil lab test. Ingredients available are any of those listed above or other organic agricultural additives available on the market.

Bag Orders:

W.F. Premium Worm Castings: To be used as a W.F. Organic Compost companion product. P.H. balanced, rich in nutrients, beneficial bacteria and trace minerals. These W.F. Premium Worm Castings are best used as an odorless and safe top dressing for your organic vegetables and fruit tress.


Product Descriptions

Bulk Delivery orders:
(3 cubic yard minimum)


W.F. Organic Compost (OMRI listed)*

$ 60.00 per yard

W.F. Organic Compost Special Blend/Planting Mix

$ 140.00 per yard



Bag Delivery Orders:
(Delivery charges will apply)


W.F. Premium Worm Castings

$42.00 per (20 lb) bag +tax

Wheeler Farms Organic Compost Gift Certificates are available for all occasions. Call for details. 

Please call us for special bulk discount rates for landscapers and professional gardeners.

We offer discounts to Schools, Universities and Religious Institutions with qualified tax status.

*Organic Materials Review Institute


How to use our different products:

Wheeler Farms Organic Compost can be used equally well as a superb top-dressing mulch or as a clay-buster soil amendment, providing needed organic matter to your vegetable and flower beds. It is particularly well suited to the adobe clayey type of soil prevalent in the Bay Area. A 20%-80% mixture of our compost and your soil will provide a nutritious growing medium for your vegetables, plants, fruit trees, shrubs and trees.

Wheeler Farms Special Blend Planting Mix: Unlike the organic compost, which should be worked into your soil, Wheeler Farms Special Blend is pre-mixed and can be used directly for planting. Special Blend is a carefully balanced mixture of various organic composts, nutritional soil amendments, trace minerals and bio-remediated soil.


Lab test information:

Our most recent lab tests, performed by Soil Control Lab of Watsonville, California and Woods End Lab, Inc. in Maine are available upon request.

Woods End Lab Compost Matrix Test 03/2011

OMRI (Organic Material Review Institute) Certification:

Our Wheeler Farms Organic Compost is listed by OMRI since 6/30/2010. Certificate # ewm-2084 click Certificate

Delivery information:

Compost delivery is available to your jobsite, farm or home garden in bulk form (3 cubic yard minimum). We deliver in both San Mateo and Santa Clara counties. Delivery charges are by the truckload (3-12 cubic yards; rates vary depending on location).

Please call us (650) 424-1896 or email us to order and schedule your delivery.


Need help moving your compost?

Call us at (650) 424-1896 for contact information on independent garden companies who can efficiently move your compost via wheelbarrow to its final destination in your garden.


A listing of landscapers, professional gardeners & nurseries is available upon request.


Updated 07/28/2020